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Bachata is a very sexy and sensual Latin dance that originated in the Dominican Republic and has grown to be one of the most popular dances in the world. You will learn the basics of Bachata, simple combinations you can do with a partner, and some additional flavour to make you shine on the dance floor of any Latin club you will ever go to. 


Caribean Hip Hop Dance

Caribbean inspired hip hop is Thursday's from 7-8PM in PAC Studio 2 for Fall 2018. Check out warrior.uwaterloo.ca for more info!


Contemporary - Open

Class will begin with a warm up, stretch, across the floor, and then a combo to finish. Some technique will be taught but emphasis will be on free movement and choreography. 


Salsa - Intermediate

Intermediate class furthers the fundamentals from the beginner's class with beyond basics techniques. More advanced material will be covered with emphasis on speed, footwork and play in turn patterns. It is mandatory to have good knowledge of all basic steps, inside/outside turns, cross body lead and structures (leading & following technique) of on1 Salsa. No dance partner is required; check out mamboclub.ca for more details. 



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