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The Running Club started in 2017 as an RSO before becoming a UREC Club sport in 2019. Our goal is to create an environment where runners of all different backgrounds, experience, and skill levels can join to train, motivate, and work toward common goals. Whether that goal be to maintain one's health and fitness through added cardio or to prepare for an upcoming race, the Running Club hopes to be a community where you can find other students to help encourage, progress and work with you on your journey. We can compete in a number of different road races in the NWA area as well as some marathon level events outside of the region.



Contact Information


Practice Times

Monday: 7am. Wilson Park

Tuesday: 5pm. UREC Intramural Fields

Wednesday: 5pm. UREC intramural Fields

Thursday: 6am. SPEED. at Ramay Jr. High Track

Friday: 3pm., Ag Field

Saturday: 7am. Wilson Park

Sunday: Rest


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