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Lifesaving Society (LSS 1) Swim for Life Adult Les

Whether you’re just starting out or just want help with your strokes, our Adult Program is for you. No matter your age, you can set your own goals and work with a certified instructor to learn to swim, or improve your current swimming ability and fitness in a group format. 10 Lessons per term and missed classes are not rescheduled. LSS 1: This program works towards a 10 -15m swim on your front and back. You’ll do jump entries from the side and recover objects from the bottom in chest deep water.


Lifesaving Society LSS 2

Kick it up a notch working towards lengths of front and backcrawl. You’ll be able to perform dive entries, demonstrate breaststroke arms and breathing over 10 -15m, and you’ll be able to support yourself at the surface for 1-2 minutes.


Swim to Survive

Are you absolutely terrified at the thought of swimming? This program is designed for adults who need special attention to overcome their fear of water. You will receive private or semi-private instruction during a quiet time in the pool with patient instructors that have a passion for teaching people how to swim. Space is limited. 5 Lessons per session and missed classes are not rescheduled. Choose 3 half hour options 9:30 am; 10:00 am; 10:30 am



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