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After School Program

Grades K-8th

2022 Spring Session


No Class 5/30

Need a fun place for your child to go after school? Send them to the Greater Plymouth Community Center’s After School Program! Snack is provided for the after school children. Customize your schedule. Sign up for only the days of the week you need, or all 5 days at a discounted rate. For your convenience, we will meet on Colonial School District half days. Free bus transportation from Colonial Elementary, Colonial Middle School, Plymouth Elementary, & Ridge Park Elementary is available. We offer a monthly payment option. For more information please contact Barb Griffis at 610-313-4062 or at Bgriffis@plymouthtownship.org.

The After School Rendezvous program will participate in activities such as swimming, sports, games, the playground and the Active Zone. In the Active Zone, children will participate in activities such as XBOX, Play Station 3 and Nintendo Switch.

* At this time, face masks are required. We follow the CDC Guidelines.

* There will be NO After School Program when school closes due to Covid related issues. We will issue you a household credit.

* After School Rendezvous runs from after school to 6:00pm. In case of inclement weather and Colonial School District closes early, there will be NO After School Program. All children will be sent home on the regular bus.

Prices and registration vary depending on residency and pass-holder status. 


NASA - STEM Explorers & Journey to Outer Space by

Location: Harriet Wetherill Park- 2642 Butler Pike

(Full Day- two camps in one!) Ages: 7-12 years

Take a voyage of discovery into the atmosphere and beyond as we explore planets, moons, and other space phenomena. Build your own Mad Science rocket and participate in a real NASA style rocket launch! Create a kitchen comet and bring home lots of cool NASA take homes! Mad Science is the ONLY organization licensed by NASA to use these activities.

4/11-4/15 9:30 AM-4:00 PM

Program #:201106.02 Price: $299 RES/$330 NR


NASA - STEM Explorers by Mad Science

Location: Harriet Wetherill Park- 2642 Butler Pike

NASA - STEM Explorers Ages: 7-12 years

Think and act like NASA innovators during this hands-on program inspired by the NASA OPTIMUS PRIME Research Challenge (NASA OPSPARC). Use creative and collaborative skills to design a mission patch, train like an astronaut, build a Mars rover and solve real-world engineering problems. How might space suit cooling tubes be used to solve a problem here on Earth?

4/11-4/15 9:30 AM-12:30 PM

Program #:201106.01 Price: $175 RES/$227 NR


Obivous Choice Basketball Spring Break Camp

Ages: 5-12 years

This camp includes hands on instruction with shooting, dribbling, defense, and more!

Location: GPCC

April 11th - April 15th

Half Day 9:00am - 12:00pm

Program# 201503.01

Price: $187 Resident / $224 Non Resident

Full Day 9:00am - 3:00pm (Pack a Lunch)

Program# 201503.02

Price: $247 Resident / $296 Non Resident


Spring Break School's Out Activity Days

Looking for a fun place to send your kids when they’re off from school? Send them to the GPCC. Each day will consist of a variety of games, sports, swimming and a project. Must pack a bathing suit, towel, lunch and a snack!

Ages: K-6th Grade


Price Per Day: $48 RES/ $60 NR

All 5 Days: $217 Res/ $271 NR


Price Per Day: $7 RES/ $8 NR

All 5 Days: $30 Res/ $35 NR

Monday, 4/11 Program #:201601.01

Before Care Program #:201601.02

Tuesday, 4/12 Program #:201601.03

Before Care Program #:201601.04

Wednesday, 4/13 Program #:201601.05

Before Care Program #:201601.06

Thursdays, 4/14 Program #:201601.07

Before Care Program #:201601.08

Friday, 4/15 Program #:201601.09

Before Care Program #:201601.10

All 5 Days Program #:201601.11

Before Care Program #:201601.12



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