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PLYMOUTH WHITEMARSH SPARTANS: CHEERLEADING FAQ Answers to some frequently asked questions How old does my child have to be to be eligible to cheer? A child must turn 4 years old by Aug 1st, and not turn 15 yrs old prior to Aug 1st to be eligible to cheer for the Spartans. For what sport do the girls cheer? The girls cheer for the Plymouth-Whitemarsh Spartans Youth Football and Cheerleading Organization. The girls participate in game day activities along the sideline of Youth Football games. When are practices held? Typically practice starts the first week in August and are held 3-4 nights per week from 6pm-8pm Mon-Thurs When are the games? Football games are generally held on Saturdays with the possibility of a Friday night or Sunday afternoon game. The boys play in the Keystone State League, which will generate a season schedule by the end of August. Where are games held? Football games are held at various locations in and around Montgomery and Bucks County, usually at a township park or a high school facility within a defined territory based on the team we are playing. ie, PW Spartans play their home games at East Plymouth Valley Park. Do Cheerleaders have to try out? No. Sideline Cheerleading is based on age and grade and girls will be placed on squads that cheer for football teams who have players in similar age and grade brackets. There are Try outs for competition cheer. Please see the Competition FAQ for more information. How long is the season? The season starts the first week of August and runs into early November. If the football teams make the post season the season can run an extra two weeks longer, but generally football season is over before Thanksgiving. How much does it cost? Registration is $150 per child with discounted rates for registering multiple children, and early registration discounts. By visiting our website at www.pwspartans.org you will be able to be kept up to date with early online registration prices. We also take part in a mandatory fundraiser each year, details of which will be discussed during registration. You have the opportunity to opt out of the fundraiser by paying ad additional $60 fee. IF THE BOYS ARE PLAYING, THE GIRLS ARE CHEERING. GAMES ARE NORMALLY ONLY CANCELLED DUE TO THUNDER & LIGHTNING. WHAT TO WEAR: Sideline shirt, blue and white skirt, white sneakers, white socks, blue & white bow. Hair needs to be in a pony tail. YOUR DAUGHTER IS TO BRING THE FOLLOWING TO EVERY GAME: (We suggest a duffle bag. Some of this refers to when the weather gets colder) -Large shirt to cover uniform when eating (ketchup, mustard & Gatorade don't come out easily) -water (PLEASE, NO COLORED DRINKS FOR SIDELINES) -Warm up suit & WHITE shirt (proper clothes for layering UNDER warm up suit). -Leggings for UNDER warm up pants (if weather demands it). No pants go over uniform pants. -BLACK ear covers (if she will wear them) -BLACK gloves/mittens


Competition Cheerleading

PLYMOUTH WHITEMARSH SPARTANS COMPETITION CHEERLEADING FAQ Answers to some frequently asked questions What is the Competition Cheer Squad? We have competition squad opportunities for all cheerleaders. A competition squad competes indoors against other cheer squads in the area by performing a choreographed routine featuring stunts, tumbling, jumps, cheers, and dance. The PW Spartans generally have 2 or 3 different squads, based on numbers, age, and skill levels. Do the Cheerleaders have to try out? Yes, only those girls interested in competition cheerleading, over the age of 9, need to try out. Try outs are held in the beginning of September, mostly to determine squad placement. However, it is possible that cuts may have to be made. How are Squad assignments made? Squad assignments are made by age, grade and skill level. The competition cheer coaches reserve the right to place girls on the correct squads they belong based on age, grade, skill level, and team needs. What experience does my child need in order to make one of the Competitions Squads? No specific experience is necessary, however prior experience with cheerleading, dance, and gymnastics may help at the time of evaluations. Girls will need to learn a dance routine and one or two cheers during practice prior to try outs. The ability and willingness to learn will also help during evaluations. How does my child sign up for a Competition Squad? All competition cheerleaders must first sign up prior to the second week in August for Cheerleading. All competition cheerleaders must also be 'sideline cheerleaders' for the duration of the football season and attend all practices and games. We will hold a parent meeting sometime in August to discuss Competition Cheer details including try out dates and fees that may apply. What is the commitment level for Competition Cheer? Practices will start sometime in early Sept and run for the duration of the competition season. Typically practices are held twice a week plus mandatory tumbling classes which are held at Upper Merion Dance and Gymnastics in King of Prussia. It is mandatory that all girls attend every practice and competition during Competition Season. Missing practices and competitions will effect the entire team since many of the routines involve complex gymnastics and stunts involving multiple girls. If your child misses practice it will only set them behind and in effect hurt the teams goals. Competition Cheer requires a very high level of commitment and is most likely not compatible with other after school or evening activities during the season. If a cheerleader decides to sign up for competition cheer she should do so recognizing that her cheer team should now take priority over other activities she is involved with. How long is the season? Competition Cheerleading is a very long season. It begins with sideline practice in August. Then competition practice will start in September and run up until the final competition the girls compete in. Competition squads usually compete in at least 5 competitions with the possibility of competing at the National level at the end of the season. Typically the season starts in August and ends in March. How much does it cost? There is no additional registration fee associated with Competition Cheer. However there are some costs involved. Parents are required to pay for uniform costs; sneakers, bloomers, socks, bodysuits, and hair piece. The PW Spartans Youth Football and Cheerleading organization will supply uniforms, music, signs, and registration fees for the girls to compete. The costs for parents can be $100-$200 depending on age and will be communicated to those who are interested prior to making the commitment. Additional costs may apply for travel, meals, hotels, clinics, camps, and registration for an optional National Competition at the end of the year.



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