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Wrestling is one of the oldest sports known to man and is one of the original Olympic events. Although it is not widely known, southeastern Pennsylvania is one of the premier areas for wrestling in the entire United States. The Titans are part of the thirty two team Inter County Wrestling League (ICWL) with each team ranging in size from 60 to 120 kids. Our organization coach’s kids from 4 to 14 years old in basic and advanced wrestling technique. The sport is very technical and I have had the good fortune of see our kids grow through the sport to become more mature, self confident and the very nature of the sport promotes a can do attitude. It is not a sport where every one “wins”, each time on the mat there is a winner and a loser and kids learn valuable lessons from both. Our kids learn sportsmanship and how to win graciously and lose with dignity and honor. Our club has been in existence for over thirty years and we have always been dedicated to supporting all kids. Our organization is run buy a volunteer network dedicated to promoting the sport. Several of our coaches are involved for the pure love of the sport without even having a child in our program. Our season includes bi-weekly practices starting the November preparing the kids for the dual meet season which starts in early January runs for 7 consecutive Saturdays. Dual meets provide the opportunity to wrestle kids from other teams and use the moves and skills they have learned. Dual meets are set up with great care to try to match kids to provide an even match based on the kids style, personality and even their personal needs. We set up dual meets where coaches for two or three clubs meet for four to six hours to “match” wrestlers with similar age, weight, experience and skill. Our practice venues are conveniently located at the Plymouth Whitemarsh schools with some practices at neighboring schools like Wissahickon and Norristown and our roster is comprised of kids from Colonial School District, Kennedy Kenrick, Springfield and North Penn. For kids new to the sport there are a number of tournaments that are limited to first year wrestlers to give kids new to the sport the opportunity to compete on a level playing field and measure their growth as the season progresses. For the experienced kids there are novice tournaments for kids with experience but are still evolving their skills and finally there are open tournaments for the advanced wrestlers reaching the expert levels in their respective age and weight groups. The season concludes with the ICWL Championship followed by the Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Association District Tournament. The District Tournament is a qualifier for the MAWA Regionals where the top four qualifiers are eligible to compete in the Eastern National Championship. We also run one of the premier wrestling tournaments on the east coast. We routinely get wrestlers from as far north as New England and as far south as Florida. Each year we get approximately 60 Eastern National qualifiers who come to experience the high level of competition they will meet at the national level. Our tournament is a full double elimination format where each wrestler must lose twice in order to be eliminated. We have a number of dedicated volunteers and we are always open to input and support from parents wishing to get more involved. If you have an energetic child who enjoys rough housing this may be the ideal opportunity to channel that spirit into a sport that can change their life. If you are interested in learning more feel free to email us at GNWCtitans@gmail.com if you would like to discuss our program personally.



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