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Iaido - Japanese Swordsmanship

Tuesdays at  8pm

This martial art develops mental and spiritual focus through the physical discipline of drawing and using a Japanese sword!

$45/8-week session


MMA for Self Defense

Wednesdays at 11am

With the guidance of an experienced MMA competitor and coach, gain confidence through this unconventional  self-defense class. You'll learn how your mixed martial arts training can be used for more than just sport! No experience necessary

$59/8-week session. Qualifies for buy one, get one 50% off


RAD - Women's Self-Defense

Thursdays at 3pm

A self-defense course for women who want to learn realistic tactics in a safe and supportive environment. Focus on risk awareness, recognition, reduction and avoidance while also learning hands-on self-defense techniques that anyone can do

$25/8-week session. Course fee is refundable upon completion of the course


Weng Chun Kung Fu

Tuesdays/Fridays at 2pm

This ancient martial art has been the foundation for many famous martial artists! This introductory course will teach you the basics of self-defense and will lay the foundation for training with the wooden dummy and the long staff

$59/8-week session. Qualifies for buy one, get one 50% off



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