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Couch to 5K

Are you new to running and looking forward to running your first 5K? Couch to 5K incorporates cardiovascular and strength training for you to be ready to run 3.1 miles in just ten weeks. Your Small Group Training coach will keep you motivated, help improve your running form and technique, and design effective walking and running intervals to fully prepare you to ace your 5K! This course will meet every Tuesday and Thursday at 8:00 am. Register here recreation.auburn.edu/Course/Search.aspx


Faculty / Staff Circuits

Join fellow faculty and staff members for a cardio, strength and balance workout in this exciting circuit class. Our certified coaches will teach a new circuit each class using the TRX, Total Gym, BOSU, Rebounders, Vibe Plate and Lebert Training System to maximize your workout and help you reach your fitness goals. Spouse members are welcome, too. Register here recreation.auburn.edu/Course/Search.aspx


Mobility and Injury Prevention for Weight Lifters

Learn how to mitigate the stress and damage caused by frequent high intensity exercise. We will help you overcome existing joint mobility issues, lingering aches and pains, and help predict and prevent future injuries. Participants will be taught stretching techniques, mobility drills, foam rolling, and deep tissue releases. Whether you are new to training and want to learn the basics of recovery, or you are a serious lifter looked for a structured injury prevention routine, this course is for you. Register here recreation.auburn.edu/Course/Search.aspx


Women's Powerlifting

Improve your overall strength by learning to properly perform a squat, deadlift, and bench press during this ten-week session. Our Small Group Training coaches will first assess your strengths and weakness to identify corrective, core, and strength exercises to prepare your body to master these essential lifts with proper technique. Our coaches will then work with you on strength, power, or endurance to reach your goals. Unless Campus Rec cancels the program, no refunds or payment transfers are permitted. Register here recreation.auburn.edu/Course/Search.aspx



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